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Krix is a speaker company based right here in Adelaide. They are an international renowned name in the speaker industry. Chances are if you have been to a few cinemas in across Adelaide over the last 40+ years you have heard the quality of their products.

high end look

a design that matches the quality of krix

The challenge of the Krix website was while it’s heavily product orientated it still isn’t an ecommerce website. We needed to create an easy navigation system for all of the products on offer and replicate a look of the quality Krix products deliver. The standard navigation was modified to a mega menu so users could identify products by images quickly. The individual product pages were spaced out to not only inform users but to showcase the high end look of Krix speakers.

inform users

information and menu driven websites

Chevron Glass is the biggest independent glass manufacturer in Adelaide. Their website revolves around glass specifications and PDF information sheets. The Coopers Burger Shack and Coffee Central website is heavily menu and gallery driven but showcases their charity work.