Hosting and Security Maintenance

Hosting and Security Maintenance

Keep your website online and best protect against threats

What we do?

Website Platform Review
WordPress Version Update
Website Theme Update
Website Plugins Update
Website Cloud Backup
Sucuri Security Hardening
Australian Website Hosting
SSL Certificate

Questions & Answers

What is a Hosting & Security Maintenance?

Its a service enet co provides to best protect your website from being compromised by viruses, malicious attacks/installations and hacking.

Why Do I Need Hosting & Security Maintenance?

Websites across the world are experiencing surges of viruses, malicious attacks and website hacking.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL means “Secure Sockets Layer” for establishing an encrypted link between a website server and a browser. Data passed between the web server and browsers remain encrypted and private.

How can my website be compromised?

Having out of date wordpress versions, plugins and or themes. (main reason)

Someone stealing your login credentials from your records, via a computer virus or malware on your computer or mobile device. (Check your anti-virus settings)

What can happen if my site is compromised?

Spam links being added to your website

Malware or Malicious software being added to your website

Blacklisted and or Lost rankings by Google and search engines

Public notifications on search engines that your site has been hacked

Your website being damaged beyond repair

Your website being taken offline

Your visitors being re-directioned to inappropriate websites

Information being stolen

And more…

Why are there costs?

enet co has to facilitate the updates and the time involved in Hosting & Security Maintenance. We also host your website on servers located in Australia including an SSL certificate.

When are payment due?

Payments are based on the anniversary of your website being made live online, generally quarterly & taken via direct debit on the first day of the month.

What is a Platform Review?

We review what elements of the website that can be updates in conjunction with WordPress, Themes and Plugins.

What is a Theme Update?

We customise your website based on a theme a third party Author has developed. When new versions of WordPress and or Plugins are announced, we must first check that the Theme is compatible. If the Theme is not compatible, we may have to wait until the Theme becomes compatible or contact the Theme Author, before we can make the update(s). In the scenario that the Theme becomes obsolete, we will offer you a re-build option at a reduced rate.

Premium Plugins

They are paid third party plugins that we may upload to your website for extra functionality. These plugins have licences attached and there maybe licence renewal costs associated, in order to update your website to the latest versions.

What is website Hardening?

We install a plugin called Sucuri that will help lock down the less secure components of your wordpress admin.

What happens if my changes are lost?

We will only restore what is in the most recent backup, hence our recommendation for quarterly Hosting & Security Maintenance. You can request one off back ups or more regular back ups.

What is an emergency update?

We may be alerted to a serious vulnerability regarding WordPress, Themes and or Plugins. In these cases we will attempt to address the vulnerability. We provide 1 emergency updates per quarter included with the Hosting & Security Maintenance.

Website Browser & Device Compatibility

Website & device browsers, including but not limited to, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, may update their browser versions, this may cause website and website admin to have compatibility issues. We cannot warrant against these browser version updates.

Does enet co guarantee that my website will be 100% secure?

No one can guarantee that, even with Hosting & Security Maintenance. However, the risks are minimised if we keep the website platforms updated. The quarterly plan will cover the cost to reload the latest back up of your website if your website is compromised.